Acura Professionals

Program Info

The Professionals Recognition Program recognizes and rewards Acura Fixed Operations Staff for tenure and training completion. In addition, several special incentive awards are offered throughout the year.

Once a dealership enrolls in the program, all of the following Fixed Ops team members are automatically enrolled in the program (individual team members do not need to be separately enrolled):



TQI Technician
Accelerated Service Technician
Service Technician
Warranty Administrator
Accelerated Service Consultant
Service Consultant
Service Manager
Parts Counter Person
Assistant Parts Manager
Parts Manager

American Honda tracks the performance of all qualified Parts and Service department staff by name, DPTS number, job code and award level. To qualify for the program, each eligible participant must be "active" in the American Honda database.

Full details of the criteria and corresponding awards can be found in the "Awards" top menu > "Details" submenu.

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